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At ETM, we aim to help you find a reliable and effective English tutor. Someone who lives nearby, can meet you at a convenient time and place and at the right price.

Safe, Secure Match-Ups

ETM is not a dating agency: we only arrange match-ups between adult students and tutors of the same sex. To ensure that you are comfortable meeting your tutor, we also require all first classes to be held in a public place, such as a library or cafe.

Helping You Learn

Our tutors have a range of backgrounds, qualifications and experience. Some are qualified and experienced teachers, others work in government, schools, big and small businesses. Due to the varied needs of our students, our teachers styles vary but they will always try to teach you in a way that best suits you. This may be through text books, newspapers, internet materials or audio recordings.

Spoken Words

English Tutor Melbourne is a division of Spoken Words, set up in 2011 by David Hack, our business English coach.

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